TERM 100 Life Insurance

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Term 100 Life Insurance

The Term100 is often the best choice for Estate or Legacy insurance. Used for this purpose, couples would purchase the T100 as a Joint-Last-to-Die policy. Going a step further and purchasing an Annuity to pay the insurance premiums is a win-win situation. (This is a solid retirement income planning strategy known as the insured annuity.)

For younger individuals, a Universal Life or Whole Life policy would usually be better choices for permanent insurance than Term 100. For very similar cost, these policies offer more flexibility and can save you money in the long run. (See Universal Life; Whole Life)

At Ottawa Asset Management, we specialize in structuring retirement income efficiently, and ensuring that your estate is properly protected. As long as you are insurable, life insurance such as the T100 is a tool that we would explore with you and explain the benefits.

At Ottawa Asset Management, we help you to decide which type(s) of insurance coverage is best for you.
Insurance rates vary widely from carrier to carrier. We work with all the major Canadian providers of Life Insurance to find you the best rates for your policy.

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What is Term 100 Life Insurance?

The name “Term” usually implies a temporary policy. However, in this case, Term 100 is permanent insurance. The premiums are payable until the anniversary closest to your 100th birthday. After age 100, no premiums are paid and the coverage remains in force until you die.

The premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for life. Term 100 is usually slightly less expensive than Whole Life because there is no access to the cash values while you are living.
As with all life insurance, the proceeds are paid to your beneficiaries tax free.

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