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Mortgage Insurance Is Best Purchased from a Broker

Here are some reasons why:

It is a good idea to have additional insurance to cover the cost of your mortgage in the event of your death. However, purchasing mortgage insurance from your lending institution is usually not the best option for several reasons. These policies are owned by the lender, the face value decreases with the mortgage, and in the event of your death the proceeds are paid to the lender. To compound matters, the rates are usually higher than purchasing directly from an insurance company and may not be underwritten at the time of issue, so when it’s time for paying the claim, they could have ways of denying the coverage.

At Ottawa Asset Management, we provide mortgage insurance that:
1. Belongs to you and pays out to whatever beneficiaries you choose
2. Is regular Term Insurance – the coverage does not decrease with the mortgage
3. Clearly underwritten at time of issue
4. Is competitive because we have access to the best rates in the industry

At Ottawa Asset Management, we help you to decide which type(s) of insurance coverage is best for you.
Insurance rates vary from carrier to carrier. As an insurance broker, we work with all the major Canadian providers of Life Insurance to find you the best rates for your policy.

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