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Investing in a GIC is a Smart Decision

  • GICs lower the risk of your overall portfolio
  • GICs protect your capital and ensure positive returns
  • GICs can be used strategically to create a cash wedge
  • With GICs, you will not pay management fees like other types of investment products
  • GICs are protected by Deposit Insurance

OAM Offers Best GIC Rates in Ontario – Canada

Since 1992, Ottawa Asset Management Ltd has provided higher guaranteed investment certificate rates than you would get by going to your local bank. This is because we are deposit brokers and have access to daily GIC rates from major Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions and Insurance companies across Canada. Click here for a complete list of our partners.

Here is what the Globe & Mail recommends that GIC investors need to know: click to read the article.

Corporate and Association GIC rates are available on request.

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No Commissions or Fees

OAM is a member of the RDBA

As RDBA Deposit Brokers and independent financial advisers, we offer Deposit Products such as GICs and provide objective recommendations because we offer products from several financial institutions. This is how we can get you the best interest rates. All Deposit Brokers are paid by the financial institutions that issue the deposits, so clients who purchase a Deposit Product through us pay no commissions or fees.

About Registered Deposit Brokers Association

RDBA is the Professional Standards Association for the Canadian Deposit Broker industry. RDBA Members include Canadian financial institutions and Deposit Brokers who offer Deposit Products to Canadian Investors.
RDBA provides training and other resources to Deposit Brokers to assist them with offering Deposit Products to Canadian investors and staying compliant with current Canadian regulations.

What Is a GIC?

  • A low-risk investment with guaranteed returns issued by a financial institution such as a bank, trust company or credit union
  • GICs issued by insurance companies are called GIAs (Guaranteed Investment Accounts)
  • Can be used for non-registered investments and all registered investments such as TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIFs and RESPs

How are my deposits insured?

  • Ontario: Principal and Interest Up to $100,000 per registration is insured by CDIC (Banks and Trust Cos) and DICO (Credit Unions)
  • British Columbia Credit Unions: All deposits, including interest is 100% guaranteed by CUDIC (unlimited)
  • Manitoba Credit Unions: All deposits, including interest is 100% guaranteed by DGCM (unlimited)

To get YOU TODAY’s BEST GIC RATES in Ottawa, OAM has partnered with:

Access Credit Union
Autoworkers Community Credit Union
B2B Bank
Bank of Montreal Retail
Belgian-Alliance Credit Union
BlueShore Credit Union
Bridgewater Bank
CIBC Bank Retail
Coast Capital Savings
Community Trust

Credit Union Atlantic
DUCA Financial Services Credit Union
Effort Trust
Entegra Credit Union
Equitable Bank
Equitable Financial Trust
First Nations Bank
First Ontario Credit Union
First West Credit Union
General Bank of Canada

Home Bank
Home Trust
IC Savings
Industrial Alliance Trust
Laurentian Bank
Manulife Bank
MCAN Mortgage Corporation
Meridian Credit Union
Motor City Community Credit Union
Northern Credit Union

Peace Hills Trust
Peoples Trust
Royal Bank Retail
Scotia Bank Retail
TD Bank Retail
Vancity (Citizen’s Trust)
Your Credit Union
Your Neighbourhood Credit Union
Zag Bank
Wealth One Bank of Canada


To get our highest guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) rates and purchase your GIC, you will need a personal cheque from a Canadian Financial Institution, a Canadian Social Insurance Number and two pieces of Canadian Government issued identification*.

*Acceptable Identification includes:

Primary (2 primary ID preferred)
  • Drivers License
  • Current Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Old Age Security Card
Secondary (1 primary and 1 secondary)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Birth Certificate issued in Canada
  • Old Age Security Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Provincial Health Card cards not accepted

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